Moederdag arrangement

Een ontspannende massage van de rug, nek, schouders, gevolgd door een voetmassage.
We sluiten af met een decolleté, hals en gezichtsmassage.

Bij deze massage gebruiken wij verwarmde aromatische olie waardoor lichaam en geest volledig tot rust komen.

60 minuten € 80

Geldig van 14 t/m 31 -05

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The Stones Massage

60/90 minutes

A massage that uses warm basalt stones. The heat of the stones penetrate deep into the muscles and joints. This massage relieves tension and gives a feeling of well-being.


THE|TIDES WELLNESSBack to Brilliance™

70 minutes € 100

Deeply relaxing treatment.

Consisting of an opening ritual, full body massage and a closing ritual.

The efficient combination of effective products and smart treatment techniques takes relaxation to a higher level.

Relieves tension and restores physiological balance in muscles and tissues.


70 minutes € 100

Wellness treatment.

For anyone who wants to transform their face into a smoother and healthier glow version of themselves while reducing the stress and tension of the face, scalp, neck and shoulders, where tensions and toxins from everyday stressors accumulate.
Get ready for a deep chill-out!

Facial For The Back

70 minutes € 100

A deep cleansing for the skin in the neck, shoulders and back area and to reduce pain and tension areas.

The treatment consists of a scrub, mask and finally a relaxing massage using different massage techniques.

Silky Soft Feet

70 minutes € 100

A nourishing foot treatment that uses mineral and vegetable ingredients to improve the condition of the nails, cuticles, feet and lower legs.

The treatment consist of a scrub, mask and a massage.